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We develop our own apps under the “Tagalot” name. Tagalot apps are currently available for Apple devices and all new work on our apps uses the Swift language. Swift has rapidly become the language of choice for IOS and macOS development.

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Tagalot Contacts

  ” My contacts are unique to me, and I would like to keep them that way. “

Tagalot Contacts is a comprehensive contact management application, working in parallel with the IOS Contacts app, but giving the user privacy and control of their own data. A typical way to start with our Contacts app is to use the import option to load your Apple Contacts entries, then start organising your contacts as you wish, grouping by family, leisure and business organisations, etc, and maybe deleting all those strangers which the social media and other apps may have added!

Tagalot Contacts is a foundation app for further in-house developments and is also available for use in clients’ apps. The app is currently on iPhone and iPad and is in the process of being ported to the Mac. It uses only native frameworks and functions, including MessageUI, Photos, CoreData, CloudKit, and Mapping.

Tagalot Cards

  Send a retro-style message to friends, add a photo, hide the message, even encrypt a secret message!

Tagalot Cards simulates an 80-column hand card punch, from the early days of computing, and is aimed at educational users and others interested in the history of computing. It can also be used generally for sending retro-style promotional or greetings messages in the form of an 80-column card, with options for adding an image, ‘wash’ text on the card, and even getting into encrypted secret messaging with the use of custom code tables. Social media users can post their message cards as a jpg, gif or mp4 video, with an option for an Instagram-preferred format.

Tagalot Cards is available for iPhone and iPad. The app is free and is the result of a pilot development exploring the use of image metadata to carry messages and contact details, part of the main Tagalot Contacts development. The app is written in Swift 4 and frameworks used include Photos, CoreData, CoreImage, ImageIO, QuartzCore, CoreMedia and MessageUI.

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