Tagalot Contacts is a contact management application that holds your contact data securely and separate from the standard Apple Contacts app. The standard app can expose your contacts data to many other apps, both for sharing and importing; this may be fine for you but without adequate controls can soon leave your standard contacts data in a mess!

Tagalot Contacts can work with your  Apple Contacts data, importing only new entries as required. Powerful grouping features in Tagalot Contacts allows the user to send only selected contacts to the Apple app, retaining the grouping as an Apple group. The Apple Contacts app is great when you want to share across many social media services, but not so great for controlling and organising your contact data. Consider using Tagalot Contacts as your primary contacts database that can be used to manage the contents of your Apple Contacts.

Tagalot Contacts has many features for the management of your contacts, with multiple types of group for different purposes, and working in contexts of family, social and business entries. Tagalot Contacts is a foundation app and we are currently working on additional features and a macOS version to make it an even more useful tool for businesses or anyone who needs to organise their contacts data. Our contacts app is free with no advertisement content.

We recommend you look at the 5-minute overview video to get an appreciation of Tagalot Contacts features. The pdf download provides a screen-by-screen navigation guide, and the presentation slide video describes how the group, person and tag entities in the app work together.