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Patrick Davis Systems Ltd started in 1997 as a service company for its principal Roger Patrick Davis to provide consultancy services. Initially this involved working with financial applications in the UK Ministry of Defence and the investment bank Credit Suisse. From 2005 to 2010 projects included the implementation of control frameworks and supporting systems for Sarbanes Oxley and MiFID regulations. The risk management and regulatory work was mainly in technology areas with Credit Suisse, Reuters and Barclays Capital.
Roger Davis, MBCS, CITP,  has a developer background, including over ten years as technical director of a software and services company, with clients mainly from the commercial sector in the London area. In 2016 a decision was made to expand operations into software development.
PD Systems is now a software house, offering design and implementation services using leading technologies, covering desktop, web and mobile applications. PD Systems is also developing its own business products for the mobile applications sector. Our first product is Tagalot Contacts, a  contact management application. The application provides a core module for further in-house developments now in progress.
PD Systems is now open for collaborative projects with new clients, so please contact us for a competitive proposal for your next development project.

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